Feebs Offers

Free offers are always attractive. Sometimes it seems too good to be true and are sometimes. The problem with some offers is that you can get something free, but there is a price, though not a coin. If you sign up limited supplies in time, be sure to cancel before the charges start rolling in. Some programs are easier to let others, before joining free offers, doing research in this others have said about the service.

As with many offers, you must provide and address and / or email. Wait a surplus of unwanted spam mail /. This is one of the pitfalls of signing up for free offers. It is better to have an e-mail to additional spam. The spam is fairly easy to handle, so be careful with offers that require a phone number. Even with the do not call lists many companies are exempt. Be very careful when you give our phone number just to get a gift for promotion.

Freebie offers are fun, but most often come with strings attached. Read the full offer and think twice before revealing personal information such as home address and telephone number.

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Black Friday Shopping

When all the food and football on Thursday, it is time to hit stores Friday morning. This season has already sold many, but none is so deep and so much fun as Black Friday. Here are some indications that an experienced Black Friday shoppers to shop and find deals, Black Friday. While there are several…

Half-Price Happy Foods!

Homemade meals are delicious. My husband and I took turns cooking dinner. Every Tuesday night, we enjoyed a break from the kitchen without spending too much money. Usually cheaper to cook and eat at home. However, Tuesday night was quite to our local McDonald’s. With the help of our entertainment book, a gift from a…

National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month and so Michael’s will be celebrating all month with free events. March 6th there will be a free yarn event where patrons can come by to make a yarn doll. This make and take craft will be done during the hours of 10am and 1pm. Check the Michael’s store for…

Woot Off

Today Woot.com is having a Woot Off – which means they are clearing their inventory. They are trying to sell some remaining stock at discounted prices. Usually Woot.com has one deal per day but today there will be a lot of deals. Check the site often for the latest Woot Off.

Pancake Day

Craving some pancakes? How about craving some free pancakes? Then head to IHop For National Pancake Day. Come by IHop February 23rd, 2010 between the hours of 7am and 10pm for a free small stack of pancakes. You will be asked if you would like to give to the Children’s Miracle Network or other local…

Free Pretzel Day

Auntie Anne’s is hosting Free Pretzel Day! Saturday, February 20 – 10 am to 3 pm. Auntie Anne’s is giving away free Original & Cinnamon Sugar pretzels. Yum.

Denny’s Free Grand Slam

Last year the Tuesday after the Super Bowl, Denny’s gave away free Grand Slam breakfasts from 6am-2pm. This year they are doing it again. Come by Denny’s Tuesday, February 9th between 6am-2pm for a free Grand Slam breakfast. This was a huge success for them with many people taking advantage of the free food. Also…

Kodak Photo Paper 50% Off

This week(Jan.17- Jan. 23) at Best Buy Kodak Photo Paper is 50% off. If you still have digital photos that you need to print or just want to stock up for the next holiday, here’s a chance to get a good deal.

Kmart Bluelight Specials

How I miss our local Kmart and their blue light specials. You know Kmart will have a hot deal each week. This weekend’s deals include womens jeans for $9.99 and Mushabelly animal backpacks for $12.99 – that’s half off the regular price. Look for these blue light specials this weekend. They will take place in…